Would It Be Ok To Wear Shiny Black Vinyl Jacket And Shiny Vinyl Jeans And Shoes To School

Check with your school’s dress code first. If it’s not a violation of the code, I guess you could try it. (I assume you are in high school.) I bet you wouldn’t do it more than once, though. The pants sound horribly uncomfortable. You’d be hot and you’d creak with every step. I’d ditch the pants and wear the jacket with non-shiny materials: a white cotton shirt, a tee in a solid or heather,Black To School turtleneck, or something along those lines. I’d wear jeans, plain pants, or if you’ve got the figure, opaque leggings. Assuming that you are a female, you could wear a skater skirt and tights or leggings also.
Part of the problem is the vast majority of school funding comes from local taxes. As districts with a majority black or Latino population tend to be poorer than those with a white population (and there are even rich and poor white districts in many places that suffer similar disparities) funding for minority schools tend to suffer.

This problem is exacerbated by the history of the United States “redlining” neighbourhoods, which essentially created (and even today, those lines haven’t shifted much) all white, all black and all Latino neighbourhoods. Even today, even though Detroit proper is majority black, most of the surrounding cities are majority white. Since people tend to go to school in their neighbourhoods, the push is that schools will stay segregated in fact even though there is no real law that requires them to be segregated.

In addition, many schools receive additional volunteer funding and, here again, Black To School in rich neighbourhoods get that money and schools in poor neighbourhoods don’t.

Add to that today charter schools and home schooling, which further drain money from the public system and discourage people in favour of education from investing more tax dollars in the public system. Often, these schools aren’t segregated just along racial lines, but along religious ones as well.
In the 1930s the British empire was at the peak and people from all of the empire were in the mother country you will need to be a bit more precise. Black people have been here since the Roman empire. The discharged soldiers were not allowed to go back to Rome or the country of origin.
Firstly, the fact that you are black is neither here nor there, we are not racist in the UK. Secondly, it depends on what you want to do with your future as to whether or not to pursue a vocational or academic route. Depending on your age would depend on what level of education you enter in the UK and to go to university you have to have certain qualifications. Think about what you want to do after school then contact some universities to see what courses they offer. A lot offer vocational degrees too.
Challenge no. 1 would be to come into the country legally. Immigration rules for residents of non-EU countries are very strict. Immigrants from Africa are subject to more scrutiny than most. I’m not up to date on the specifics but you should definitely do your homework on those if you want to stand a chance.

Just in case you’re thinking of entering illegally: don’t. It’s near impossible to find housing, schooling or work without the proper registration. You would find yourself at the mercy of shady criminal types. Or simply deported if you’re caught.

Challenge no. 2 is the language. There are few Black To School or job opportunities in this country for those who don’t speak Dutch (fluently). In terms of schooling, only some universities offer courses in English. In any lower level of education you’d be out of luck. Yes, most Dutch speak English too, but most employers won’t hire a person unless they speak Dutch, and speak it well.

I wouldn’t worry too much about your skin color. Yes, racism exists here as anywhere, but it’s not nearly as bad as in many other places. There are sizeable communities of people who look similar to you (to a Dutchman anyway). A large part came from the former colony of Suriname, others are immigrants, refugees or adoptees from all over the world. In most major cities you wouldn’t stand out that much.

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