Which Are The Coolest One Liners In Game Of Thrones

There are hundreds and hundreds of quotes which are can be found more dramatic given the weight of scenes like little Lady Lyanna Mormont’s speech after the Battle of Bastards. Game Of Thrones Among other things words can define a scene in a best way possible.

But, I find these lines to be the coolest ones due to their appeal in general with accordance to the very life itself.

I’m talking about the scene where Theon is about to shave Ramsay and finds out that Robb is dead. After that, a servant is asking Roose the following question. Game Of Thrones I just love the disgust in his voice, knowing that they will all get killed and have to flee after the Battle of Bastards! Jon is going to play an important part in their lives and they don’t even know!

Game Of Thrones Tyrion Lannister is possibly the most beloved  character. If not the choice favorite, he’s in everyone’s top three. He is incredibly intelligent, and able to work his way out of most conundrums. And when he doesn’t win, he still always has the last laugh with his cutting wit. Full of joie-de-vivre, he lives life to the fullest, and tries to be good despite his unredeemable family. However, his terrible family does make it almost impossible for him to be wholly good, and he does have moments where he dips into the dark side. Game Of Thrones But this season, it looks like good old Tyrion is back with a vengeance, and a vengeful goal.

When Tyrion meets Jon Snow in the series premiere, Jon Snow is extra pouty for not being invited to the feast. Tyrion meets the fellow outcast, and asks him if he’s Eddard Stark’s bastard. Game Of Thrones When Jon Snow tries to skirt the issue, Tyrion gives him great advice on owning what others would mock you for.

After Jamie throws Bran out of the window and puts him in a coma, Cersei tries to hide her annoyance by saying that it would be more of a mercy for the child to die. Game Of Thrones With his response, Tyrion both manages to annoy Cersei and impart his deep wisdom.

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