What Is Your Review Of Star Trek: Discovery

I recently watched the first nine episodes of Star Trek Discovery, a new sci-fi series out on CBS. I liked the special effects, the ship’s design, the new uniforms, the cinematography, and the acting wasn’t half bad. However, the story, especially for the series premier, had numerous plot holes, annoying characters, a confusing storyline, and cliche bad guys.
First and foremost, why did first officer Michael Burnham, played by Sonequa Martin-Green, go out alone to check on the strange Klingon object? You’ve got a giant ship full of people and you’re only going to send out one person to investigate a mysterious object? Totally illogical! If she would have gone out with a crew of people, they could have captured the Klingon on the structure and not killed him and possibly avoided the senseless death and destruction that followed!

Next, if an enemy ship suddenly appears, why don’t you back your bigass starship down and observe the enemy from afar instead of engaging in hostile, life threatening maneuvers? The second the Klingon ship appeared, the Shenzhou should have backed off to gain intel especially after the Klingon ship refused to communicate. Granted, the Shenzhou was in Federation territory, but if you really are a peaceful people, back off and seek other measures to communicate.

Thirdly, why did the Shenzhou only send two people to kidnap the Klingon ruler called T’Kuvma and played by Chris Obi? The Klingon ship was apparently full of Klingons and you’re only going to send two people—one of them the captain of the Shenzhou—to capture the Klingon ruler? Idiotic! And why didn’t Michael stun the Klingon ruler instead of killing him? And why didn’t the Chief Science Officer, called Saru and played by Doug Jones, know that the captain of the Shenzhou, played by Michelle Yeoh, was in a life-threatening situation? Saru seemed to notice when Michael was in a life-threatening situation and beamed her up out of harms way, but not the captain? He should have had his hand on that beaming-up button the entire time the landing crew were on the Klingon ship and should have saved the captain, hello?

And why the hell is the first officer, a woman, called Michael? Did she have a sex change, but not change her real name? Do names switch gender in the future? Last I checked, Michael was a solid male name. Michael Burnham, the first officer, was raised by Vulcans, so why doesn’t she have a Vulcan name? Or use her real name, Sonequa; it’s much better than Michael. I’m sure one day we will find out, but till then, it’s annoying!

Additionally, if Spock’s father is around, where is Spock? Where is James T. Kirk? Let the viewer know where and when we are in the Star Trek universe. Don’t just throw us right into a stupid battle! With so many Star Trek storylines going around, it’s critical to establish a dot on a timeline so the viewer can quickly adjust. This site seems to think the Discovery series occurs five years before Captain Kirk manned the Enterprise in all its glory, but that’s ludicrous! Why make a show based five years before the original?

And finally, how about a little backstory on the Klingons to help the viewer understand their plight and what the they’ve been doing for a hundred years! It seemed like the writers just needed a bad guy to quickly add into the story to create tension and were hard pressed to go to war immediately without developing any kind of solid backstory. These Klingons must be ferociously pissed off if they are going to take on the entire Federation. If so, let us know why and don’t treat them like some one-dimensional spaghetti-western bad guys.

One sci-fi series premier that really got it right was Battlestar Gallactica. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. Really well done, lots of action, great cinematography, great writing, and it draws the viewer in immediately!
OK, enough ranting. I disliked the Star Trek Discovery series premiere so much that I rewrote it and added in a little comedy; hopefully, I did it justice. Here we go!
Captain’s log, stardate 1207.3, I am captain Philippa Georgiou on the maiden voyage of the United Star Ship Shenzhou—one of the most sophisticated starships ever built. After attending an elaborate ceremonial burial for famed Starfleet captain James T. Kirk at Federation headquarters, we launched the Shenzhou and exited the inner Star Trek framework of the Federation system.

Our overall mission is to inspect the outer reaches of the Federation. I have a crack crew of seasoned veterans led by my first officer Michael Burnham. Raised by Vulcans after her Earther parents died, she is power hungry and eager to prove herself. Her rival is Chief Science Officer Saru, who is Kelpien and eager to follow orders and provide facts without much thought. In addition, a multi-cultural crew of highly trained officers, decorated warriors, elite scientists, and untested rookies have signed up for this open-ended mission designed to delve into the mysteries of the cosmos.

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