What Is Your Review Of Japanese Love

They love their country the way most people love members of their family. They don’t brag about it like we Americans do, they may never say “I love you Japan,” but they are thankful to be Japanese even if they are living in another country. It’s not just a nationality; it’s an identity.

My wife for example is native Japanese. She could take US citizenship just like I can take Japanese citizenship, but that would mean giving up her Japanese citizenship—though I know of plenty of exceptions to that rule for Japanese people of pure Japanese ancestry in the United States. She’s no flag waver, she did marry this sloppy American guy, but she’s proud of being Japanese.

I should say she’s also American, despite not being a citizen, but the root is Japanese Love. There is plenty about how Japanese people have come to behave that she disapproves of, but the bottom line is that she loves her country, her culture, the land and law of Japan in ways I never could despite speaking the language and living the culture fluently since I was a teenager.

In the United States it is most common to be mixed. Me personally, the short list, I am German, Native American, French, and British (Yorkshire and London). Culturally, I am very Japanese. As my wife puts it, my mind is half Japanese, but I am 100% American. My varied heritage is definitely who I am as a person, particularly German and Native American were very prominent in my upbringing, but I am totally American even when I’m in Japan, wearing Japanese clothes, speaking Japanese and so forth.

Japanese of non-Japanese ancestry, it’s the same as me. They are 100% Japanese. They love their country. They live and die for it in spite of prejudicial treatment. They have no desire or inclination to be anything but Japanese Love, even if one or both of their parents isn’t even Asian. That is something Americans have in common with Japanese people; mixed, mistreated, non-citizens, none of that matters.

You are from where you are from and you love what it makes of you, even if you never say so explicitly—your heritage, your family, your culture, your country.
It depends on how satisfied you are.

Many my friends studied and graduated from university six years straight(All of them were enrolled in science department). So they got the job to work for Japanese company WITHOUT thinking of working abroad.They like Japan pretty much because of stable job (full time job employment rate is over 90%!)or safe environment. No tragic terror happen over there.

On the other hand,students who study abroad they have wider culture perspective like any other international students. So they see Japan very objectively.

Investor doesn’t trust Japan in most cases.The goverment can still interfere their asset. So they transfer their asset to tax heaven or other countries or they immigrate.

I personally still like Japan Love.Food is really by far the best.But what I concern is future job prospect.I don’t see the unicorn venture companies unlike China,US and Israel.
For me it is love and hate. It would have been great if our government was solid but it is not. It is one big sad part. And we have that crazy company culture. But other than that food is good and we have beautiful Sakura in spring . And most of all people don’t have guns and the climate here is okay. It isn’t perfect but a lot of things are fine compared to that of other countries.

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