What if Black Friday lasted two weeks just like Back to School Day for stores

In a 1977 Senate Judiciary hearing, Biden talked about busing and how, “unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle.” Subsequently, he joined with segregationist senators such as Jesse Helms to oppose U.S. Department of Education funding for busing.
I really don’t know what Joe Biden’s motives were. I do know that I was opposed to bussing because the schools were no longer community centers. In my county, about 30 busses leave after Black To School to take kids primarily to the southern part of the county.

However, I wasn’t in favor of segregation, either. My suggestion was that we concentrate on integrating the neighborhoods. That would have maintained the community nature of the schools as well as eliminating segregation.

Being against bussing does not necessarily mean being for segregation.
Originally Answered: A few days ago, I went to school wearing a black lace dress with wide fishnet tights, black ankle boots, a leather jacket, and a black studded choker. A teacher said “oh look at you, you look like you’re going to a club”. What are your thoughts?
My ex boyfriends daughter used to get harassed by her teachers for dressing goth.

They told her she’d never find a job looking like that. They said she’d “Grow out of it” or that it was a “phase” and that she was “too pretty” to be dressing in such a dark goth girl style. She was a gorgeous girl and actully looked like Avril Levigne.

Then one Day her father and I walked into an open house at her Black To School dressed in all black, and looking like rockstars.

Teacher: “Oh. My. You must be _’s parents.”

Dad: (knowing what the teacher said about his daughter) “Yes, we are and we actually have jobs, own a home and drove here in a Porsche” he said as he dangled the keys to his Porsche in her face. “We’d appreciate it if you’d stop harassing our daughter about the way she likes to dress”

Teacher: (gulping hard and looking around at all of the other parents who suddenly stopped talking when we strolled into the classroom) “Of Course”

The moral of the story:

Wear what you want and don’t let anyone make you feel like you don’t belong or need to subscribe to their limiting beliefs about who you are, as a person. Their judgment of you says more about them, than it does about you.

They are basically saying “I need you to dress like this so I can feel better”

I wore leather pants, concert shirts and black to school on the daily. My nickname in high school was “Black Gina”.

I always stood out and I’ve never fit in, because that was how I meant to be. It’s how I am to this day. My worst nightmare is to show up somewhere and run into someone else who’s wearing what I’m wearing!! It’s why I became a designer and seamstress in the first place.

A few years ago I made the front page of my hometown newspaper because of the work I’ve been doing for celebrities since 2012. I was wearing black and smoking a cigar.
I worked in a collage and my students were of an age to discover their identities. Many of them, being young adults, began experimenting with impression management. I have seen rock star and I have seen Lolita, hair, makeup, full gear.

That is the beauty and luxury of youth and school: you are of an age and in an environment of (almost) everything goes. Take advantage of it if it pleases you.

The only time I made a comment of a student’s appearance was the time a young man showed up in foamy drippy spiky hairdo that smelled of hem, paint thinner? Lighter fluid? It was before class and his friends appeared to be mocking his unusual look by pretending to pet his head like it was a baby porcupine.

I watched him wiping his forehead a LOT and trying to put a streach band around his head, I had to ask if there had been a medical emergency. The students laughed really hard and told me he was fine. He was in the process of changing his hair color and style. It was a very long process so he came to class while waiting for chemicals to do the magic. I told him I would consider his head flammable and stay away from smokers. Got another laugh.

*Dress code in my college was “do not show sight or outline of genitalia”. Black To School in my high school dress code was a lot more specific. Comply with the rules of different organizations and experience within parameters are important. Otherwise, have fun.

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