What Ended The Viking Age

I read some answers like The Viking era was one of lawlessness, chaos and anarchy, and with the acceptance of Christianity they suddenly got ‘’civilized’’. Viking Such an explanation might be over simplification …Vikings never vanished, that their descendants are with us still. Most people have quite an unsavoury impression when it comes to the Vikings and most educational resources tend to portray the Scandinavians as fearsome, ruthless, and dangerous.

The Vikings were Norse seafarers that dominated trade in Northern Europe between the 8th and 11th centuries. At the same time, Viking these seafarers did in fact raid at any given opportunity and this led to the “Vikingr” name which effectively means raider or pirate in the old Norse language.

However, not all Vikings took to the ocean and raiding was really a part-time occupation in which only a small percentage of Vikings participated. With this in mind, Viking many Vikings were farmers and merchants with legitimate investments in ships, farms and other businesses. Many more were simply lookouts and every Viking was interested in settling down with a family of their own.

It is necessary to know the culture and characteristics of the Vikings before knowing what happened to them. Vikings are those people who lived in Scandinavia and the North Atlantic in the Viking age between 793 and 1066. During this time, Viking the Scandinavian people had large impact on the Europeans through trades and mostly through the largely known, Viking raids.

However not all the Northmen practised raiding. Raiding was a part time occupation, practiced by a small percentage, mostly young people for the thrill. The Northmen were farmers first and needed to take care of the farm chores most of the year. They were entrepreneurs: business men who saw raiding as a means of acquiring capital that could be invested in a ship, in a farm, or in a business. Raiding was thought to be desirable for a young man,Viking but a more mature man was expected to settle down on the farm and raise a family.


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