What does a blue alert mean in Texas

I live in Texas. A Blue Alert is activated locally and statewide. Texas has an alert system on major highways in metropolitan areas and, Blue Alert of course, your personal devices can be set up to receive them. Television and radio stations broadcast the alerts and furnish updates. The following is the definition of a Blue Alert in Texas.
Blue Alert is activated when a violent attack on a law enforcement officer has occurred, and a search for the suspect is active. Blue Alerts provide immediate information to the public to prevent further harm and aid in the swift apprehension of the suspect.

TEXAS, USA — As law enforcement searches for a suspect accused of killing a Nassau Bay police sergeant, millions of Texans’ phones notified them to be on the lookout with a Blue Alert.

The Blue Alert was launched in Texas in 2008 when then-governor Rick Perry signed Executive Order RP-68.

It was created to let residents across the state know when an offender who killed or seriously injured a federal, state or local law enforcement officer in the line of duty is on the run.

The National Blue Alert System is a communication Blue Alert. system setup to spread important information about law enforcement officers hurt or killed in the line of duty. It is similar in scope to an Amber or Weather Alert. Blue Alerts were setup in an attempt to make catching the perpetrators easier. These suspects are considered dangerous and extreme caution should be taken when Blue Alert. coming across them. If you know the where abouts if a suspect listed in a Blue Alert you should notify the authorities as soon as it is safe to do so.

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