The Gryffindor Harry Potter T-Shirt

The Suicide Squad is at least ten times better than the 2016 Suicide Squad. Why? For one, the action scenes are phenomenal– that scene where King Shark rips a soldier in half is just, well … I have no words. Second, King Shark is adorable (new Baby Yoda alert!). Third, Harley Quinn is still awesome. No words are necessary.

We knew Harley was going to steal the show. Frankly, she always does. But aside from her badass fighting scenes, one thing that caught my eye are the subtle differences in her appearance. If you’re as Quinn obsessed as I am, you might have noticed that several of her tattoos have drastically changed.

The Gryffindor Harry Potter T-Shirt

Remember that “rotten” tattoo? It was a few inches down from her heart tattoo on her right jawline. It was inked on her face in both films– Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey. Well, in James Gunn’s not-a-sequel/not-a-reboot, the ink is completely absent. The reason why? According to Gunn, once he found that Margot didn’t like it, he decided to remove it.

Agee signed up for the role knowing that he would not be voicing King Shark, but he still needed to deliver the character’s lines. Initially, he was using a voice that was “darker and more intimidating,” but Gunn pretty immediately suggested something different. “He’s like, ‘I hear, like, a kind of slowed-down version of Stallone,'” Agee recalls. He says it was a dead giveaway that Stallone, who hadn’t officially joined the movie yet, would probably be voicing King Shark.

” I just remember, for most of the shoot going, ‘They’re going to use Stallone. It’s going to be Stallone,” Agee says. “I almost wanted to say, ‘Why don’t you reach out to Stallone because that’s clearly who you’re going to use.’ So I was not surprised when they announced that it was Sly. It makes sense.”.

Agee has nothing but praise for Stallone’s voice performance, and Stallone reciprocates that praise. Although the two met briefly on the set of Guardians of the Trending Galaxy vol. 2, they never interacted for The Suicide Squad until the premiere last month. “I walked up to him and said, ‘Hey man, I feel like I should introduce myself. I’m the guy who played King Shark on set.'” Agee says. “And he was so awesome. He was like, ‘Wow, man, I can’t believe you had to do all that running around.'”.

In fact, nothing Harley wears ties her to the original Suicide Squad. That “Property of the Joker” tattoo, which was first seen in the 2016 film, has been changed to “Property of no one.” Rightfully so. Harley might be as crazy as the Joker, but she’s a full autonomous badass supervillain who belongs to no one.

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