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Peter Scolari, a familiar face on “Bosom Buddies,” “Newhart,” “Girls” and other television shows and in Broadway, Off Broadway and regional theater productions, died on Friday in Manhattan. He was 66.

His management company, Wright Entertainment, said the cause was cancer.

Mr. Scolari had done some stage work but was easing into television when he was cast alongside Tom Hanks in 1980 as one of the two principal characters on “Bosom Buddies,” an ABC comedy about two men who pretend to be women so they can live in a low-cost all-female apartment complex. The show, Mr. Hanks’s first prominent assignment, lasted only 37 episodes, but it has gained a sort of kitschy cachet over the years thanks to some witty touches in the scripts and the subsequent careers of the two stars.

Peter Scolari Thank You For The Memories Black Unisex T-Shirt

“A lot of television was about bosoms in 1980, when ‘Buddies’ began its two-year run,” Susan Stewart wrote in The New York Times in 2007, assessing a DVD release. “‘Three’s Company’ was three years old; ‘Charlie’s Angels’ was flying high. Compared to those exemplars of ‘jiggle TV,’ ‘Buddies’ was practically the Algonquin Round Table.”

Perhaps Mr. Scolari’s best-known role came soon after, when he was cast in “Newhart,” on which Bob Newhart played an innkeeper in Vermont who has a local TV show. Mr. Scolari, who became a regular in the show’s second season, played his producer. Mr. Scolari ultimately appeared in more than 140 of the show’s 184 episodes, earning three Emmy nominations for best supporting actor in a comedy.

More than 20 years after “Newhart” went off the air in 1990, Peter Scolari became familiar to a different generation through a recurring role on the HBO series “Girls,” playing the father of the character portrayed by Lena Dunham, the show’s star and creator. He won an Emmy for the role in 2016. Among the other actors nominated in his category, outstanding guest actor in a comedy series, was Mr. Newhart (for “The Big Bang Theory”).

Bosom Buddies” aired for only two seasons on ABC, but it set in motion both Hanks’ and Scolari’s careers. On the show, Henry (Scolari) and Kip (Hanks) — young professional New Yorkers, who work at an advertising agency — adopt drag personas in order to move into an inexpensive women-only residence, the Susan B. Anthony Hotel. They also pose as the brothers of Buffy (Hanks) and Hildegard (Scolari), in order to make their lives slightly easier, and so they can flirt with the women who also live at the hotel.

Hanks’ Kip was sarcastic and funny, and Scolari’s Henry was sweet and nervous — a perfect combination, if not for a long-running show, than for a friendship between the two actors. Before appearing on Broadway with Hanks in “Lucky Guy,” Scolari also had a cameo appearance in Hanks’ directorial debut, 1996’s “That Thing You Do!”

Whereas Hanks left “Bosom Buddies” a leading man, Scolari became a character actor. He starred on the syndicated TV adaptation of “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” from 1997-2000, appeared as the corrupt police commissioner on Fox’s “Gotham,” and co-starred in 2016 in HBO’s TV movie “Madoff” as Peter Madoff.

Scolari’s 2016 Emmy win was practically a fluke. He wasn’t among the original nominees for guest actor that year, but after it was determined that “Veep’s” Peter MacNicol was not technically eligible for the nomination because he’d appeared in too many episodes to be considered in the category, Scolari was added to the ballot.

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