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With the Florida Gators on a bye recently the training team used the moment to hit the road recruiting, all of them other than head coach Dan Mullen.

That created an uprising among followers as well as message board posters at the preceded absence of effort that Mullen was offering to hiring yet Mullen was incapable to be when traveling thanks to NCAA assents.

NCAA Men’s Baseball College World Series Bound Omaha 8 Unisex T-Shirt

Dan Mullen obtained a 1 year show cause from the NCAA after it discovered that his Gators football program broke recruiting contact guidelines on two occasions, which Mullen “did not promote an environment of compliance,” the Department I Committee announced last December. Mullen was found to have actually made in-person contact with a recruit (linebacker Sav’ell Smalls) throughout a period where he was not allowed to do so, a Degree II infraction because off-campus recruiting contacts are not permitted up until after a football possibility’s junior year of senior high school.

Because of the nature of the 2020 season and also recruiting cycle being impacted by COVOD-19 constraints, Mullen’s one year off-campus recruiting sanctions were pushed back to 2021, a Florida agent validated to Gators Territory.

Florida is on routine to finish the remaining penalties by December of 2021. Then Mullen will once again be able to hit the road to recruit.

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