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OnlyFans provided a financial lifeline to sex workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now those who have built businesses on the platform are wondering whether they’ll see everything evaporate.

The social-media company said Thursday it would ban sexually explicit content starting in October, but it also said nude photos and videos would still be allowed– provided they’re consistent with OnlyFans policy. That’s leaving creators questioning where the company will draw the line between what’s acceptable and what violates its rules.

Laura Lux, who offers a $8.99 monthly subscription to her content on OnlyFans, said she initially thought that she would be safe– because she posts topless content that doesn’t include sex acts. But now she’s not sure.

OnlyFans Funny T-Shirt

” I’m wondering where my content falls,” said Lux, who has more than 600,000 followers on Twitter and 350,000 likes on OnlyFans. She thinks a topless cosplay character photo of herself would be fine, but isn’t sure where the line is on videos. Lux said didn’t have anyone she could contact at the company to clarify.

Other creators echoed Lux’s confusion and trepidation. OnlyFans has been celebrated for giving adult entertainers and sex workers a safe place to do their jobs, and thousands of men and women now rely on the site as their primary source of income.

Mila, a 21-year-old creator, has used her earnings from OnlyFans to pay for her school bills. Skylar, a 24-year-old from Ontario, turned to OnlyFans after struggling to make enough money on Patreon and Twitch. Her following swelled to more than 100 almost instantly, and she now treats it as her main job.

One creator who goes by Erica Cherry says that after the pandemic disrupted her studio pornography work, she self-produced content on OnlyFans, where she charges subscribers $4.99 a month. Now, she’s thinking of switching to a new platform: JustForFans.

The interpretation for most sex workers is you’re being basically pushed out of the platform, that you have to get out,” Cherry said. “A lot of independent creators depend on OnlyFans, and even though we’re supposed to diversify and have a lot of different OnlyFans T-Shirt income sources, it’s still a major shock when a platform like this goes down.”.

OnlyFans’ popularity exploded during the pandemic, replacing in-person interaction with virtual shows. As OnlyFans got bigger, its leaders and advisers began to think beyond its popularity in sex work. It could serve as a way for all kinds of celebrities to charge super-fans for exclusive content, similar to other services like Patreon, which generally doesn’t allow pornography.

Fitness instructors, musicians and online influencers all use it to charge fans for exclusive access to workouts or behind-the-scenes photos. Beyoncé referenced the site in one of her songs, while musicians Cardi B and Tyga set up their own pages. That’s helped the platform attract more than 130 million users.

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