Do you prefer Michael Myers (Halloween movie franchise) being superhuman and immortal or him being a normal human?

I prefer him as a normal human. I think that movies are almost always better when the main character has actual vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Michael Myers It can honestly make a movie/character 100 times scarier.

When I was younger, I used to be terrified of Jason Voorhees, like nightmares everyday, being afraid of taking showers becauseI thought he’d be behind the curtain, etc. This was back before I really started studying horror movies, and when I thought he was just a hockey mask wearing sociopath. Michael Myers Then I read about him some more, and discovered that he was immortal, and had superstrength, and was in general just not natural. And a switch flipped. I realized that in trying to make him scary, Michael Myers they’d just made him seem fake and boring.

It was more interesting before the supernatural part entered into the series. I forget what movie that happened in but it was a bit disappointing. I want to say Halloween 6 because 5 was season of the witch. I hate that one. The big 3 of that time period, Jason Voorhies, Michael Myers Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers all turned out to be supernatural enemies, I think Jason’s story plays out well enough. Early on Myers seems to be a very disturbed individual who either didn’t get the help he needed as a child or was just beyond help.

He continues to get up despite the many injuries and violence that is directed towards him. Michael Myers The supernatural part does explain why he would disappear and was so unstoppable. I guess it was the only logical explanation because being psychotic only goes so far. I think it would have been better if that was explained at the beginning. Michael MyersThat way it would you could watch and wonder how much power they actually gave him, what he was capable of and how he could be stopped if at all. But I don’t think they thought it would make it to as many movies as it did, probably shouldn’t have. Michael Myers So I guess it’s not so much a preference to him being supernatural or human as it is how it was revealed Michael Myers to the audience.

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