Are The Bts Members Gay

When I first visited America, I heard that men are more likely to be misunderstood as gay if they carry cute animal pencil cases or wear pink clothes. gay japanese daddy I was also told that if women put their arms together or walk hand in hand, other people might look at them strangely.

To be honest, I was very surprised to hear this. It’s because it’s so natural to have a skinship with same-sex friends in Korea. So these are not acts that will be misunderstood as homosexuals at all. gay japanese daddy On the contrary, in the case of skinship, the same-sex relationship can be more natural than in the relationship between friends of the opposite sex.

Just because a man carries cute stuffs or wearing pink clothes, we never think they are gay. As anyone who has ever been to Korea knows, Korea is a country where the cute character business has developed greatly. And since we were born and raised in such an environment, we don’t think it’s ever gay for men to like cute things.

Just looking at the world famous beauty industry such as Korean cosmetics, skin care, make-up and fashion, you can see how much Koreans, especially young people, like to dress themselves. Therefore, it is no problem for men to wear various colors such as pink, yellow, gay japanese daddy or orange and wear earrings to decorate themselves in Korea.

I know that many foreigners think men are weird about wearing make-up. In Korea, it is also strange for an ordinary man to wear too much make-up. But if he is an entertainer especially idols, it’s a different story. Korean idols try to show the best and prettier appearance possible as many young people like them. So they wear make-up to cover their flaws like skin troubles as well as to make them look better on the air. gay japanese daddy They also do it to the concept of their songs. (e.g. if their songs are dark or wild concept, they wear darker eye make-up) So for idols, makeup on the stage is not optional but essential. These are the reasons why it is very foolish to think that male idols are gay just because they put make-up on their face.

It is regrettable that the “Gay” issue, which was not controversial at all when the BTS was in Korea before they became international boy group, is mentioned by foreigners who are not familiar with Korean culture. If BTS members are considered gay because of the behavior of them, gay japanese daddy all male idols in Korea will have to be gay.

I know it is never easy to understand and accept all the cultures of other countries without prejudice. However, I don’t think people should criticize or judge these cultural differences recklessly just because it is different from what they know. Rather, I think people should respect other countries because they do not know their culture very well.

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